Why pool led light strip is the better option to transform your outdoor space.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights are one of the most popular fittings for swimming pools. Led technology has become a standard feature replacing halogens and incandescent bulbs. For many years halogen lighting has been the standard underwater pool light because they were bright and easy to service. In the past, issues like brightness held LEDs back from lighting applications. Now it has gone through a revolution. Pool Led light strips are now brighter than ever. Now swimming pool lightings can transform your outdoor space, enhancing your swimming experience. Same with colour changing LED strip which can change the mood your stay anywhere.

Halogens relied on burning filaments while LED fittings work by just plugging them directly into the power source. Pumping voltage through the semi-conductor which emits light is how LED lights work. Most lighting industries are heading the LED light way because LED lights do not need to be serviced, are cheaper to run, there is a wide range of colours that can be changed easily and amazingly they can be connected to automation systems. So, when you want the LED light, what should be needed? Simple, you need a strip light, a power unit, and a way to attach the two to make your lights on, simple right? When talking about the size and type of power unit, now this will depend on the type of Led strip light, the length required, and the dimming option required. If you have your selection in mind, Minxuex Company can assist you, and you can also buy the complete kit from the website.

Another confusion come in the difference between Led rope lighting and Led strip light. Mostly, people think they are the same because they might have some common features in them, but in a real sense, they aren’t the same at all. Here are some comparisons.

  • LED strip lighting produces a very bright light and can be dimmed as the occasion demand. So, if you want a workplace or some other place to be brighter, then Led strip light is the way to go. While Led rope lighting is much dimmer, it’s an ideal choice for mood lighting or soft illumination. If you want a bright light, this is not the way to go.
  • The maximum run length on lights refers to the maximum length of light you can plug into a single power source before flipping breakers. 12V Led strip light can take a maximum run length of 20 feet. While 120V of rope lights can go more than 150 feet on the single power source. But in case you are using LED strip lights; the cord can power up to 330 feet in a single power source.
  • LED strip lighting is more suited for rounded corners than square corners. It is not easy to bend in, hence will not give a tight fit on the sharp corners. While rope lights are the best choice for this lighting task, by cutting the rope light and incorporating it in T-connector, tape lighting can help in folding around the corner at a junction between two of the lighting chips.
  • Led strip lights have surface-mounted Led chips to a flat piece of tape, having a variety of single colours and colour changing options, and they produce more diffuse light than rope lighting. While rope lighting is made of single Led bulbs encased in a clear plastic tube. They come in a different colour, but can’t change the colour of the bulbs. So, the biggest difference between the Led strip light and Led rope light as we have seen is the light source.

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