Want a truly theatrical experience?

Adding a new shine to your entertainment center with the best-led lights is the key to finding a theatrical feeling in your house. Led backlight for TV will create a soft, adjustable backlight behind your TV enhancing the ambiance of your home entertainment as well as reducing eye-straining.

Depending on what you are watching, led lights are programmed to sync in real-time with the colors and sounds you are streaming on your television. They can create a custom visual experience that complements whatever you are watching. Being experienced suppliers, our TV led strip lights to feature two types;

  • 5V USB led strip lights for TV
  • 4 section 5V led strip lights RGB for TV

Both led strips are customized depending on your needs, they also provide OEM customized services as well and are multicolor changing which will sign depending on what you are watching.  They also come with remote control for controlling the Led strip lights depending on how you want it to behave. Don’t have it yet? Protect your eyes by installing our led strip lights on your TV. Click the link to grab your order ASAP!

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