Types of LED strip lights and factors to consider when buying LED strip lighting

Colour changing led strip lights use mainly three colours to create a range of colours by switching microcontroller. These colours are Red, green, and blue LEDs. This combination enables us to see different combinations of the wavelengths of colours. Colour-changing led strip lights can create a lot of colours by performing some few tricks like, when you want a yellow colour the bulbs turn on red and green, if you want white, it turns all the three colours on, if you want Cyan, it will turn on green and blue. There are multiple types of trips, including DC LED flex strips which are flexible and have an adhesive back for mounting, AC LED flex strip where you just plugin and they are ready to go, LED rope lights are encased and Omni-directional LEDs in the standard rope light packaging, and High Output Led strips.

The right light can help in changing the outlook of a place, add interest, or change moods. So before making the purchases, make sure you get the right thing. So, what are the factors to consider before buying LED strip light?

  • You should ask yourself how bright you will want the lights to be. The issue of colour, temperature, and lumens are also involved for you to get just what you desire. The brightness of Led is measured in Lumens. The amount of brightness and strong effect of light quality will be affected by Lumen/length along with the LEDs/length.
  • LED strip lights come in a wide range of colours, some are single colours and others are colour changing strips that can display any RED-Green-Blue combination colours, and you will need a controller to do so. We offer them in Minxuex.
  • Power supply location will make a big difference in the lights you purchase. If the outlet is far, you need to purchase additional extenders to be able to reach where you want them to hang.
  • Location of where you want to put the LED strip lights matters a lot. If you want the lights for the bedroom, you can’t go purchasing lights that are great for accenting shelves in either pantry or closet. Another instance is when you want to buy one for marine you will go for waterproof led strip lights for boats.
  • When doing the purchase, first you will have to think of how the mounting will be done and set them up. Some installations are easy, the Led lights with adhesive backing are easier to mount, but some lightings are be cut, do wiring then strip them together.

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