The most important factor to consider when buying waterproof Led strip light

The most popular lighting system today is Led strip lighting. How can you Prevent the moisture from reaching the light’s internal components, which might cause potential danger or cause a short circuit? You need a protective layer, or a waterproof led strip light. Waterproof led lights are designed in such a way that they can sustain and withstand any amount of water because it has a special feature of plastic coating known as an IP rated coating, this coating is designed to stop moisture from reaching the components. The degree of protection varies from no protection to complete protection. Therefore, can be used in wet or outdoor environments including bathrooms, patio, kitchen and even pool areas, because its standard is IP65, a coating of silicone gel. This cannot be compared with IP67, because while it offers greater protection, it cannot be cut because of the hollow plastic sleeve, the strip light will be exposed and water will be able to sip unto the sleeve. While IP65 can be cut and still it won’t compromise the protection. This also gives an advantage of prolonged life of lights since it protects physical contacts and accidental damages. Led light strip manufacturers in China

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