Steps to follow when installing automotive LED strip lights

Automotive LED strip lights can be used on anything from cars, trucks and motorbikes. And they are available in various colours, sizes and types. The LED strip lights suitable for automotive applications include vehicle interior, trailer lighting and RV interior and exterior lighting. They produce bright lights yet draw very little power from batteries compared to other lightings like halogen and incandescent. Most LED lights for automotive are designed to fit any type of vehicle and motorbikes. If you have larger vehicles, you will need more lights. Installing the car interior lights is not difficult. You can just follow these steps and you will be set.

  • Determine where you want your LED lights to be, plan and know since you have a lot of options to choose from, that is the location and how you want it to be. Then measure the determined area to know how many LED strip lights you might need. The number of lights depends on how many lights you want to install and how large is your automotive.
  • Try to determine how you will install them because the strip lights differ some have adhesive backing but some you will need the zip ties and glue. So, knowing these in advance will help you buy everything required to custom your automotive interiors.
  • Collect or gather the material and tools that will be needed for installation. They might include, wire-cutting pliers, screwdriver, crimp tools, wire connectors, multimeter to measure voltage, electrical tape and glue. If you think you won’t be able to, Minxuex has your back to help you through.
  • Before placing the lights, determine your power source which will connect the lights. You can connect the LED lights to the fuse box. Make sure you ground the negative power, and this should be under the dash of your car, use the connectors to slide the wiring under the bolt. They replace and secure the bolts tightly.
  • Then install the lights by connecting them to the power source. Place the light’s controller in a location that is easy to reach. You will have the liberty to choose when they should come on or they come on with your headlight.
  • Once you are done with the installation, test if they are working perfectly according to the design you had in mind before installation. For added safety, you might decide to add some fuses to the wiring or circuit.

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