Meaning of RGB and how it creates different colours when stimulated

RGB means Red Green Blue, these are primary colours in additive colour synthesis. The colour display is obtained by the different light intensities of the primary colours. The combination of Red, green, and blue creates the colours that we perceive by stimulating the different types of cone cells simultaneously. At the most basic level, RGB colour mode is used primarily for digital communications like television, a computer’s monitor, or a large-scale screen. Each coloured LED can produce 256 shades of the same colour, if you combine the three colours it gives you over 16 million colour combinations. So how does RGB LED strip create these colour combinations? By playing with the brightness of each LED. You can get one from Minxuex who sells RGB LED strip lights wholesale. 

RGB LED light strip can be used and look great on many applications. You can use them for accent lighting in your house, task lighting in your office or ambient lighting in your industrial space in a most attractive way, even for TVs, the best-led strip for TV is the one with a USB plug, it can be used as TV background lighting, which can help to elicit off a home theatre environment and provide a completely immersive experience. And for those who watch TV at night with lights off, this strip light helps increase the general brightness in your room, which will help you reduce eye strain caused by the sharp contrast between a bright TV screen and a dark room. If you want LED strip light for your TV, the best one for you is 5V USB RGB LED strip light for TV (OEM) from Minxuex collections. This model is perfect to create different effects with multiple colours available and adjustable brightness.

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