How to install led strip lights for TV

As a form of ambient lighting led strip lighting is gaining popularity especially in interior décor. One of the most creative ways of spicing your living room lighting is using strip lights as TV background lighting. It helps set off a home theater environment as well as provides a completely immersive experience for you. Staring TV with lights off makes your eyes strain a lot and can even lead to eye problems. Increasing the general brightness in your room can reduce eye-straining as a result of staring bright TV in a dark room. It will be more essential to apply Led strip lighting for TV, it will add fun as well as provide a healthy environment for your eyes. Don’t know how to install your led strip? Don’t worry, the tips below will help a great deal.

Led strip lights are generally speaking and easy to connect. The first step to do when led strips are delivered to you is by unrolling the strip lights, this will enable you to determine the length and know other available accessories .e.g. the remote control, battery, and USB cable.

Next thing is to clean the back of your TV, to remove dust. Measure the length of your TV before attaching the led strip light, this is to ensure you accurately determine the length before attaching the led strip to it. After attaching, connect the led strip lights and enjoy. Now that you have finished connecting everything with ease you can adjust the color and the brightness of the light using the remote.

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