How to Choose the Best Waterproof Outdoor LED Strip Lights

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Outdoor LED strip lights waterproof is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance the appearance and mood of any room. This is because they possess a wide range of features and positive qualities compared to other types of lighting systems.

Buying these types of light might seem like a straightforward task however there are a few things you need to consider and they include;

  • IP Rating

The IP rating of outdoor LED strip lights needs to be higher than that of indoor lighting.  The IP (Ingress Protection) is the degree of water or dust your LED will be able to withstand. The higher the IP value, the more durable and offer better protection your waterproof LED strip will offer. The ideal outdoor LED strip lights need to have an IP rating of IP65 and above. They feature dust-tight capabilities and they can be submerged in water of 1-meter depth for 30 minutes without being damaged.

  • Length

When buying outdoor LED strip lights waterproof, it is important to look at the number of LEDs per length. Since your lights will be outside you need ones with a brighter output and higher light quality, therefore you need to get those with the highest number of LEDs per Foot. If you’re seeking more length out of your strip, you can lengthen it or customize it to any length you want.

  • The Type of LED Chip

LED chips are largely responsible for the quality of light emitted by the waterproof LED strip light. They convert electrical energy into light. LED chips differ based on size and the colors they can produce. Some common types include; Surface mounted device LED chips, Dual-in-line package LEDs, and Chip on board LED design. For example, the newer models of SMD LED chips to offer extremely bright light with great efficiency making them suitable for outdoor or corridor lighting.

  • LED Strip Brightness

The outdoor LED strip lights continue to improve and thus reaching brighter capabilities than most indoor LED strip lights. When choosing outdoor LED lighting, the lumen is the most important variable to look at. Lumen is the total amount of visible light that a source emits, so the more the lumen the brighter the light will be. You definitely want your outdoor lighting to be brighter to provide you with the lighting you need, therefore make sure you take note of lumen as it will have a strong effect on light quality.


What do you need to consider when buying Outdoor LED Strip Lights Waterproof? There is a lot to consider when buying LED lights and that’s why we are here to help you at Minxuex Lighting. Browse through our wide collection of the best LED lighting and with the information above, we are confident you will make the right choice. Bring your lighting project to life with Minxuex Lighting today!

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