Guidelines on how to verify the quality claim of LED strip lights

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights are one of the most popular fittings for giving your house, or outdoor experience very comfortable. Because lighting plays an important role in every space, it gives the effect of aesthetics and ambience apart from enabling us to see. It is for this factor that manufacturers put in mind and consider the colour temperatures. Because the colour temperature in LED strip lights is what transforms the surrounding into a homey and welcoming or formal and sterile. This made the LED strip lights be on a rapid rising in modern lighting design around the globe. Designers are implementing the LED lights into residential, industrial projects, commercial and other areas at an increasing rate. Even the LED strip suppliers are on the rise. Thus, there are many options for LED strip lights in the market. So, you might wonder how you will know the quality of the strip lights, the verifiable quality. Here we’ve made a few guidelines on how to verify the quality claim:

  • Determine that the product should be designed at a component level to ensure a longer lifespan. Ask if and how LED strip lights have been designed for proper thermal management and heat dissipation. Knowing this will help in LED chip lifespan not dropping.
  • Check on the safety certification to ensure the LEDs are safe and do not contain any lead or potentially hazardous materials.
  • Determine the warranty, customer service and installation assistance. Minxuex is here to help you design your space no matter what the size. Even if it swimming pool, we have waterproof LED strip lights for Swimming pools and boats. Our LED strip lights represent the high-quality standards found in the market and will be providing you with ambience for many years to come. We do boast about our customer service assistant who is always on the go to help you with designing your space.
  • If you want to put additional lighting to the existing installation, check on the colour quality and accuracy, you should not expect bright white colour from LEDs when you purchase 3000k warm light. And this might do no justice to your space because a tragedy of colour clash might happen. So, the better and advisable thing to do is request the test reports of the strip light you want to purchase just to be sure before going on with the process.
  • Thickness and materials used in the PCB, resistors, wires, and lead-free soldering determines the product performance and longevity.

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