Buyer’s Guide for Underwater Led Strip Lights for Pools

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Lightening up your swimming pool is one of the ways of improving its appeal and visibility inside and around the pool. Installing led strip lights in your swimming pool ensures that you’re comfortably able to use the swimming pool at night without any fear.

led strip lights for pools

Once you install led strip lights for pools, you increase the ambient feeling as well as make the pool more luxurious and attractive, enhancing the general view of the home. With a wider range of led strip lights that you can use for your pool, you may get stuck on which one to choose. Below are some things that you can consider to endure you buy the right one.

  1. Color of the Led Light

Once you’ve decided on installing led strip lights for pools, it’s important that you think of the color that you want. Always ensure that you’re choosing a color with safety and visibility as your topmost priority. White light is considered to be the simplest and classic low-key way of showcasing the design of your swimming pool. You may as well consider the color-changing pool lights if you’re the type of person that wants something cool for your swimming pool.

  1. The Finish Of The Pool

Most people are not aware of the fact that the color of the pool finish has got a greater impact on how your swimming pool will appear. If the surface of the pool is light to medium-colored, it’ll be reflecting light giving you the option of using either white or colored led strip lights for pools. And if the surface of the pool is dark, it’ll be absorbing light, leaving you with the option of using white led strip lights, or else the finishing will absorb the colored light and create a murky effect.

  1. Size of the Pool

Before making a purchase on the led strip lights for pools, individuals always wonder about the number of pool lights they’ll need. To get an answer on the number of pool lights you’ll require, you should know that it all depends on the size of the swimming pool. On an estimate, pools of size 15’ x 30’ will require one light, 20’ x 40’ will need two lights, and 20’ x 42’ will require three or more led lights.

  1. Type Of Technology

Before you buy led strip lights for your swimming pool, ensure that you consider the technology they’ve been made with. There are some fun and convenient features like smartphone integration and dimmer switches. Moreover, there are those that can be programmed to produce entertaining and colorful lights to add an element of fun around and inside the swimming pool.

camper led strip lights

Additionally, it’s advisable that you consider the energy consumption of the camper-led strip lights, especially if you’re looking to go green. Consider buying energy-efficient ones or those powered by solar. Before you make the final purchase, ensure you check the overall cost to be sure that it’s affordable.

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