Multi-color changing RGB led strip lights

Led strip lights are becoming increasingly popular for both domestic and corporate illumination and the color temperature of your led strip lights is an important consideration as it will allow you to fine-tune the ambiance of your area according to its function. This is especially crucial when it comes to one color-led strip light, so […]

The star manufactures in led strip lights

Long-term success in manufacturing depends on many factors including the ability to deliver a marketable product and continue to develop it, the ability to establish relationships with loyal buyers, and the ability to operate with strong profit margins. Being the best-led strip lights manufactures in china, Minxuex balances the needs of its wholesale, retail buyer, and […]

How to install led strip lights for TV

As a form of ambient lighting led strip lighting is gaining popularity especially in interior décor. One of the most creative ways of spicing your living room lighting is using strip lights as TV background lighting. It helps set off a home theater environment as well as provides a completely immersive experience for you. Staring […]

Leading led strip manufacturers in china today!

Minxuex is one of the leading manufacturers of led strip lights and suppliers in China. Our main focus is on led strip lights in a customized area that has OEM customized services. With the help of many employees and engineers, we always ensure strong production capacity to meet growing demands in the market and high product quality […]

Lighting according to your mood!

Led lighting is an important part of modern interior. Creative people embed lights perfectly in different parts of their rooms. Bedrooms are not left out either, led strip lights for the bedroom create a welcoming and romantic atmosphere lifting your moods. Led strip lights are perfect for drawing certain features in the bedroom. Are ideal especially when […]

Want a truly theatrical experience?

Adding a new shine to your entertainment center with the best-led lights is the key to finding a theatrical feeling in your house. Led backlight for TV will create a soft, adjustable backlight behind your TV enhancing the ambiance of your home entertainment as well as reducing eye-straining. Depending on what you are watching, led lights are […]