Types of LED strip lights and factors to consider when buying LED strip lighting

Colour changing led strip lights use mainly three colours to create a range of colours by switching microcontroller. These colours are Red, green, and blue LEDs. This combination enables us to see different combinations of the wavelengths of colours. Colour-changing led strip lights can create a lot of colours by performing some few tricks like, when […]

Different places to use LED strip lights for living room

LED strip lighting is mostly used for decorative purposes. Mostly, where the guest sees first is the living room. We all want to let the guest feel welcomed and comfortable. LED strip lights can transform your living room to have the exact cosy atmosphere that you would desire. Living rooms have different shapes and sizes. […]

Features of car interior led strip and reason for installing waterproof led strip lights on your car

Recently people have been adding some extra appeal to their cars by installing a high-quality LED light strip. If you buy a luxury end vehicle the chances are that you will find that it will take advantage of LED headlights as standard. But you don’t have to buy a luxury car to be able to […]

Meaning of RGB and how it creates different colours when stimulated

RGB means Red Green Blue, these are primary colours in additive colour synthesis. The colour display is obtained by the different light intensities of the primary colours. The combination of Red, green, and blue creates the colours that we perceive by stimulating the different types of cone cells simultaneously. At the most basic level, RGB […]

How to upgrade your car interior with LED strip lights

Most vehicles have interior lights called courtesy lights, located at the ceiling of the car and provide light when a passenger alights or boards. You may want to decorate your car interior light with an LED strip light, it is possible to replace the courtesy lights with strip lights. The car interior strip lights allow you to […]

Steps to follow when installing automotive LED strip lights

Automotive LED strip lights can be used on anything from cars, trucks and motorbikes. And they are available in various colours, sizes and types. The LED strip lights suitable for automotive applications include vehicle interior, trailer lighting and RV interior and exterior lighting. They produce bright lights yet draw very little power from batteries compared to […]

Guidelines on how to verify the quality claim of LED strip lights

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lights are one of the most popular fittings for giving your house, or outdoor experience very comfortable. Because lighting plays an important role in every space, it gives the effect of aesthetics and ambience apart from enabling us to see. It is for this factor that manufacturers put in mind and […]