5 Issues That Can Make Your Car LED Strip Light Fail

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LED lighting; we don’t have to define it because it is a household name. It has become a new normal and the go-to lighting option for various applications. It can be used in house interiors, business premises, and powered vehicles.

One thing that we all agree with is that LED is a power-saving type of lighting and also has that durability aspect compared to incandescent lighting. As many are phasing out the latter, LED lights are emerging as a popular choice in car and motorcycle lights. One major trend in this is installing car LED strip lights. This is one of the selected car accessories that can be used in both the interior and exterior of the car.

If you are a car owner and thinking about sprucing your automobile, going for strip lights is always an option for a show-off flair. Nonetheless, some issues may lead to these lights failing. What are they and how can they be addressed? We will be looking at some of these issues in a nutshell. Check out the following:

Frayed wires

Frayed wires are a blunder in any electric fixtures. They can lower the performance of the lighting installation. Different issues can cause frayed wires which include:

  • Animal interference: Rodents such as rats and squirrels can chew on your wires making them frayed. In areas where rodents are prone, it is advisable to check your strip light installation regularly for any chewed wires. (tip: ensure rodents don’t make a home in your car)
  • Bending wires: Careless twisting can lead to frayed wires. Nonetheless, you need to be professional with strip lights, especially while bending them in corners. You can focus on bending them around the cut line to avoid frayed wires.

Wrong installation

Installing LED strip lights can be as easy as ABC…. You may have been planning that DIY project for a while. In as much as installing LED strip lighting is simple, the wrong installation can lead to them failing. That’s why it is important to follow the guidelines from the LED strip supplier carefully which includes the right tools to be used. Additionally, you can choose to work with a pro during installation to make sure that you are doing the right thing. In most instances, wrong installations can lead to problems in wire connectors.

As connectors facilitate complete electrical circuits, issues such as failing to connect + to + wire in connectors can lead to your strip lights failing to work. Therefore, ensure that these wires are adjoined correctly.

Adhesive loosening over time

We may not avoid this issue all the time. Ascar LED strip lights are fitted with an adhesive, loosening can lead to some parts falling and being tampered with. This can lead to the entire strip failing to work. The best way to address this issue is to tape it with support mechanisms such as tiny wires. Moreover, during installation ensure you have properly cleaned the surface as taping on dirty surfaces can lead to quick loosening adhesive.

Power supply

Although led strip lights don’t consume energy compared to incandescent, it is crucial to check your power supply. Ensure that it offers the right wattage to your strip light for it to work efficiently.


This is a query that most people want to know. Can LED strip light be affected by moisture? The answers are in two ways, Yes and No. The first answer is when you are using non-waterproof, especially in car exteriors. The second answer comes about when you work with waterproof Car LED strip lights, for your car exteriors. Hence, know what to choose.

Those are some of the issues that can affect your strip light installations. Nonetheless, we encourage you to deal with quality strip lights to ensure that your car accessories lighting is worth the investment. As an LED strip supplier, we make it our aim to deliver the best strip lights for both your car interior and exterior to guarantee an awesome flair to your automobile.

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