5 Considerations when choosing pool lights

Here are five things to consider when choosing pool lights:

  • Pool size: The first thing out of all you need to know is the size of your pool in depth, length, and breadth. This is important to consider because you will estimate the number of pool lights you need to install in your pool. This also helps you to budget the cost of installations needed and estimate power consumption.
  • Color: Color is an important aspect on earth and choosing the right ones will help to satisfy your desires. If you desire to have a safe and more visible pool go for the white color. If you need to add spice to your pool and make it more entertaining choose color-changing lights, we recommend getting from Minxuex. These are the best-LED pool lights you need for your satisfaction.
  • Technology: You need to consider the technology that comes with the pool lights. Nowadays there are phone integrated pool lights. Therefore choose color-changing LED strip lights that are capable of changing colors in your pool depending on the mood and vibes of the day.
  • Energy consumption: In the world today we are all trying to create ways to save our resources; the foremost being energy conservation. If this is your goal choose LED lighting which is energy efficient. For your pool, the recommended one is pool LED strips which are not only good in saving energy but also friendly to your wallet with less need to worry about huge electric bills.
  • Positioning of the lights:

This comes down to the shape of your pool. Make sure your positioning of the lights provides maximum lighting to the pool and reduces shadowing. Pool LED strips are best positioned at mid-height almost at the surface of the pool for maximum illumination. Positioning them above the pool may not be a good idea if you like to enjoy playing with beach balls in the pool.

These are the five tips that will help you make choices that will satisfy your potential desires for your pool lights.

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